MOD Paint Specifications MOD Paint Specifications MOD Paint Specifications MOD Paint Specifications MOD Paint Specifications MOD Paint Specifications

Following is a list of both UK and US defence specifications which we can supply on your product, however if you have a specification which is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to identify the required specification.


DEF STAN 80-9     Paint, aluminium, flame resisting

DEF STAN 80-15   Paint, pre-treatment primer

DEF STAN 80-24   Lacquer

DEF STAN 80-25   Paint, ammunition finishing: semi-gloss and matt

DEF STAN 80-27   Paint, ammunition finishing: semi-gloss and matt

DEF STAN 80-31   Paint, finishing, general service, aluminium

DEF STAN 80-37   Paint, finishing, motor transport vehicles

DEF STAN 80-38   Thinners for paint epoxy-two pack etc

DEF STAN 80-41   Paint, finishing, exterior system, service vehicles, ancillary electronic equipment

DEF STAN 80-41   (MATT) IRR paint, air drying, service vehicles etc, infra-red reflecting (IRR) properties

DEF STAN 80-48   Paint, finishing, general service, gloss, stoving

DEF STAN 80-51   Paint, stoving, service vehicles and ancillary electronic equipment, full gloss

DEF STAN 80-54   Paint, finishing, general service, gloss

DEF STAN 80-55   Paint, finishing ammunition, general service, semi gloss

DEF STAN 80-56   Paint, finishing epoxide, stoving, black, for small arms

DEF STAN 80-60   No 6. grey, No 8 dark grey, No 11 oyster paint, stoving, hammer finish

DEF STAN 80-65   Paint, finishing, for jerricans, stoving, interior, exterior

DEF STAN 80-67   Solvent, cleaning, for painting equipment

DEF STAN 80-68   Paint, marking

DEF STAN 80-69   Paint, paste, marking

DEF STAN 80-72   Paint system, acid and alkali resisting

DEF STAN 80-78   Paint, finishing, flame retardant

DEF STAN 80-92   Paint, clear phenolic stoving primer

DEF STAN 80-93   Paint, epoxide, stoving

DEF STAN 80-99   Thinners, for paint finishing , acrylic

DEF STAN 80-122   Powder coating, high durability, stoving,  NATO green, light stone, black, desert tan

DEF STAN 80-124   Paint, priming, stoving, defence equipment

DEF STAN 80-126   Paint, priming, zinc phosphate, air drying

DEF STAN 80-128   Paint, finishing, temporary camouflage, alkali-removable for aerospace use

DEF STAN 80-129   Varnish, electrical insulating

DEF STAN 80-131   Paint, aluminium, heat resisting, paint system, anti slip for ships, decking

DEF STAN 80-134   Medium texture, hangar decks and weather decks, rough texture- flight decks

DEF STAN 80-138   Varnish, polyurethane two packs, matt, gloss

DEF STAN 80-141   Paint, finishing, matt black, heat resisting

DEF STAN 80-143   Corrosion preventative, automotive, underbody

DEF STAN 80-152   Paint, system, epoxide, stoving, semi-gloss, gloss

DEF STAN 80-153   Paint, air drying system

DEF STAN 80-158   Paint, system, erosion resisting for aircraft, polyurethane, multi-pack, VOC compliant

DEF STAN 80-161   Paint, finishing, spraying, epoxy, multi-pack

DEF STAN 80-164   Paint system, fluorescent

DEF STAN 80-166   Paint, durable exterior finish

DEF STAN 80-178   Paint, finishing micaceous iron oxide

DEF STAN 80-206   Paint, priming, zinc phosphate, non-aircraft use, low VOC single or multi-pack

DEF STAN 80-207   Paint, priming, zinc chromate, non-aircraft use, low VOC single or multi-pack

DEF STAN 80-208   Paint, finishing, polyurethane multi-pack, matt, IRR, chemical agent resistant, non-aircraft use, low VOC (CARC)

DEF STAN 80-209   Paint, finishing, polyurethane multi-pack, gloss, chemical agent resistant, non-aircraft use, low VOC (CARC)

DEF STAN 80-213   Paint, finishing, polyurethane, two pack, anti slip, for land vehicles, low VOC

DEF STAN 80-214   Paint, finish, selectively trippable, acrylic

DEF STAN 80-216   Paint, finish, spraying, epoxy


MIL_DTL-53039B Type I   Single component aliphatic polyurethane,3.5 VOC, CARC coating

MIL-DTL-53039B Type II   Single component aliphatic polyurethane 1.5 VOC, CARC coating

MIL-DTL-64159, Type I&II   Waterborne polyurethane CARC coating

MIL-P-53022B, Type I   Lead and chromate free epoxy primer

MIL-P-53022B, Type II   Lead and chromate free epoxy primer, high solids, 3.5 VOC

MIL-P-53022B, Type II   Lead and chromate free epoxy primer, high solids, 3.8 VOC

MIL-P-53030A   Waterborne epoxy primer

MIL-PRF-22750F   High solids epoxy topcoat

TT-P-664D   High solids rust inhibiting and lacquer resistant primer

DOD-P-15328D   Metal wash primer

MIL-C-8514C   Pretreatment wash primer

MIL-PRF-85285D, Type II   Class H High solids polyurethane top coat, 2.8 VOC, for ground equipment

PIL-PRF-23377J, Type I&11   Class C Chromated epoxy polymide primer

MIL-T-81772B, Type I   Urethane thinners

MIL-T-81772B, Type II   Epoxy thinners

MIL-P-1195G, Type I   Quick dry enamel, 3.5 VOC, ammunition coating

MIL-P-1141Em   Alkyd primer, ammunition coating


BSX32   Paint, two pack primer
BSX33   Paint, primer as part of long term corrosion resistant scheme
BSX 31   Paint, stoving, metal, resistance to lubricating oils
DTD 5618   Paint, maximum reflection of solar heat radiation
BSX34A   Paint,  covers the requirements for finishing schemes for aircraft
DEF STAN 80-128   Paint, exterior quality, matt acrylic, temporary finish for military aircraft
DEF STAN 80-138   Paint, air drying clear lacquer
DEF STAN 80-161   Paint, air drying two pack epoxy scheme
DEF STAN 80-164   Paint, Florescent, resistant to fuel

Please feel free to ask us - we are always on hand for technical information for your products.