40th Anniversary

Supplying a quality service to the manufacturing industry for over 40 years

Paint Finishers to Industry

Supplying a quality service to the manufacturing industry

About Goldburn – The Expert Paint Finishers

Goldburn Finishers – a family business founded in 1981. The company has grown through its dedication to quality and specialised finishes. Operating from a 6000 sq ft facility, Goldburn’s handle all types of work from short run to volume production, available on both the wet or powder systems. Painting is possible on all substrates (plastics, wood/MDF, metal). A full and comprehensive range of specifications is provided, from standard powders and stove enamellings right through to MOD specifications and RFI shielding. All are available on request.

Sectors we work with are varied and comprehensive, therefore the products we regularly finish include:
Agricultural & Garden Equipment, Motorcycle Frames & Parts, Lighting Products, Ministry of Defence Parts & Vehicles, Aerospace Components, Sheet Metal Fabrications, Precision Engineered Parts, Architectural Metalwork, Exhibition Displays & Signs, Public Sculptural Installations.

We are a highly professional and dedicated company.
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Company founders, Mr and Mrs Goldburn

Matthew and Kate with their restored Land Rover “Goldie” named after their late father.

Matthew and Kate with their restored Land Rover “Pickwick” named after their mother.

Working with Industry

Being finishers, we form part of the production chain. Consequently, our facilities have been designed to provide a flexible and rapid response to industry. The success of our business owes much to this flexibility and to the highly skilled team that forms the hard-core of our operation at Lindford.

As technical middlemen, we work very closely with paint manufacturers to develop coating procedures that will answer the specialised requirements of our customers.

Customer Base

We have a wide range of customers, from household names to companies working on their first prototypes. Because of this diversity, products we have finished can be found as far afield as satellites in space, and as close to home as garages, offices, hospitals and supermarkets.

Whilst we operate in the UK, it is a hallmark of our quality service that our products can be found in all corners of the world. Our business has been built on delivering and maintaining the high standards that our customers require.



At our base in Lindford, we have the facilities to undertake a complete finishing process including:


Plant List

Degreasing Area and Plant.
Preparation Area.
Large Enclosed / Clean Bay.
Wet spray booths (2).
Large Box Ovens (2).
3 x Powder Booths.
Infra Red Conveyor Oven.
Shot Blasting Cabinet.
Aqua Blasting Cabinet.
3m Container Shot Blasting Cabinet.
Aqueous cleaning equipment for degreasing.
Transport for Collection / Delivery Service.
Fork Lift.
Gloss Meters.
Thickness Gauges.
Alloys Testing Equipment.
Humidity Tester.
Profile Tester.