Traditional Stove Enamelling

plus Two-Pack (2K) Polyurethane and Acrylic Alternatives

Traditional Stove Enamelling

Traditional stove enamelling is a wet spray process. These specialist liquid paints are cured by oven baking. A high level of skill is needed to apply the required multiple coats. This is particularly important when hammer, wrinkle or spatter finishes are required. The use of Two-pack (2K) Polyurethane and Polyester Powder Coating have largely replaced traditional stove enamelling.

However, in certain cases, stove enamelling is still the best, therefore the most cost effective method.
These include:

  • Large quantities of small parts, where the cost of hanging for powder coating would be prohibitive.
  • Components requiring complex masking or colour combinations.
  • Applications where a low film build is required.
  • Special effects and finishes are easier to achieve: e.g. spatter, wrinkle, fluorescent, and textures.

The advantages of Traditional Stove Enamelling over Powder Coating:

An excellent level of finish can be achieved, mainly because parts can be flatted between coats.
Effective masking is far easier to implement than when using a powder coat.
A huge range of colours, including metallics, can be attained cheaply and in small quantities.
Both high gloss and matt finishes are easily produced.

Two Pack Paint Systems

Acrylic paints. Cellulose coatings. Metallic paints. Low smoke and toxic fume emission systems.
Lacquers and varnishes. Safety/Toy paints to EN71

2 Pack Polyurethane

Two pack (2K) polyurethane paints offer the ideal solution on components which cannot be oven cured. These are widely used as a final decorative coat over multi-coat wet paint systems. Two-pack poly is available in a huge colour range, various gloss levels, and gives good UV resistance and weathering. Also suitable for applying to plastics and electrical equipment.

2 Pack Acrylic Paint

Acrylic (2 Pack) paint has a very high gloss and is an extremely durable automotive paint. There is generally no need for a topcoat lacquer. When fully cured, it’s resistance to petrol and stone chips makes it very hard wearing, therefore highly versatile. It’s also uneffected by UV rays. Drying times are determined by hardeners. Acrylics can also be cured in a low bake oven.

The benefits of using a Two Pack Systems over Powder Coating are fundamentally the same as those for Stove Enamelling, with the obvious advantage of the lower material and labour costs involved.

Typical uses include:

Steel fabrications. Electrical enclosures. Structural steelwork. Agricutural machinery. Automotive Parts. Safes. Machinery parts. Security and CCTV. Lighting. Interior and Exterior applications.
WEEE and ROSH Compliant coatings

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